Tuesday, October 1, 2013

34th Annual Douglas Moore Festival in Cutchogue

Douglas Moore's hometown of Cutchogue honors his memory every summer with a concert. Here are some pictures from that event, which took place on August 10th. 

Soprano Stephanie Izzo captures the light from all angles as she performs "The Willow Song" from "Baby Doe."  Ben Arendsen conducts the Sound Symphony on the Cutchogue Village Green just a half mile from the waterfront cottage where Moore would compose when visiting his home town.
Historic buildings on the Cutchogue Village Green --- a scale model of the nearby 1648 Old House in the foreground, the early 19th century Carriage House just adjacent, and in the background, the early 18th Century Wickham Farmhouse.   --- stand unperturbed by the frantic bustle of musician preparations for the concert."

Pictures and captions courtesy of the Douglas Moore Festival board. More to come.