Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A mini Moore for Leanna Kirchoff

Recently, composer Leanna Kirchoff, went on a mini Moore fellowship to observe Arizona Opera's full workshop of Craig Bohmler and Steven Mark Kohn's operatic treatment of Zane Grey's novel, RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE.

Leanna said "It was great to see the work twice and to have time to talk to Craig and Steven about the process from creation to performance.  Craig's music has such a great emotional range and it is always contributing to the story, rather than being merely accompanimental.  He played for both performances, which was impressive, as the music was difficult in many spots!"

Leanna's work was featured at the John Duffy Composers Institute at Virginia Arts Festival in Norfolk. She recently produced her opera, THE CLEVER ARTIFICE OF HARRIET AND MARGARET, in Colorado.

We thank Craig and Steven and Arizona Opera's Ryan Taylor for facilitating and embracing this visit.