Thursday, July 30, 2015

"At the Governor's Ball, done up like a Christmas Tree"

"While this one here at the Governor's Ball,
Done up, like a Christmas Tree"
from Act II scene i of BABY DOE
at the Janiec Opera Company of
the Brevard Music Center

For the past year, activities at the Douglas Moore Fund have looked inward at Moore himself. One of the projects comes to fruition this month with the premiere of a new reduced orchestration of THE BALLAD OF BABY DOE.

Using the scores from the original conductor, Emerson Buckley, the score has been entered, reduced, and printed using Finale. The Janiec Opera Center of the Brevard Music Center has graciously agreed to collaborate on the premiere, enduring the usual need for corrections of wrong notes. The final edits will be made after a production this fall at Amarillo Opera.

Discussions will be under way soon about the best way to administer this orchestration. The next fund project will be to edit and produce collections of Moore's vocal works, including unpublished pieces and others that are scattered over a half dozen publishers.

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